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Ethan's Top Five Things to Tell Your Parents When You Are Still Single at Age 30 (or 35, or 40):
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1. "Mom/Dad, among people my age, my life is not abnormal. (At least, not for that reason.) My generation has delayed marriage longer than any generation in American history. The vast majority of us will marry; we'll just do it later."

2. "Not being married does not mean that I'm a 'slacker.' A slacker is usually defined as 'someone who shirks work or responsibility.' Remember how hard I work at my job/school/local SPCA office? My life is full of activity and meaning. There is no reason for pity or scorn."

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What right do I have to speak for my generation?

A question like that can hit you pretty hard when you are staring into a hotel mirror at some ungodly hour of the morning, after a sleepless night, about to make your first appearance on "Good Morning America." I know because this happened to me not long after I wrote a two-page magazine story coining the phrase "urban tribes.'' For reasons that were never made entirely clear, the producers thought I was a generational expert who could explain why the number of "never-marrieds'' had more than doubled in a single generation. Who were these people who were delaying marriage, they wanted to know, and what were they doing with their lives? I had been flown to New York to summarize the lifestyles and life choices of 37 million youngish Americans.

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