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Annapolis, MD

Tribe composition: There are about 15-20 of us aged 19-30. We are all centered around a local band, Gold Mind Squad. Five of the guys are in the band and the rest of us are techs, friends, girlfriends, and roommates. We've been together for about 5 years, with new people joining along the way. There have been a few couples formed out of the group but no marriages.

Tribe activities: We hit Friday's, a restaurant in Hanover, about once a week. It's a huge gathering and people sometimes bring other people to join the melee. Obviously gatherings happen at Gold Mind Squad shows and events, but we all share a broad interest in music and frequently hit other locals shows, national acts and festivals.

How the Tribe formed: The group formed around the band, but now includes a few people outside of the music spectrum. Girlfriends and new roommates have been added along the way. The group has fluid borders and usually anyone is invited to join us.

Things about the Tribe: Playstation is an important aspect of our group as many solid weeks have been spent in front of the box. Other gatherings involve NASCAR races and baseball, food, horror movies. We always get together to go to the movies when a new horror movie comes out. Each person in the tribe has a strong opinion about the fiercest horror movie character and will defend his opinion to the death.

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