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Boston-in-Los Angeles Tribe

Tribe composition: Our growing tribe consists of over a hundred alumni from Emerson College In Boston, MA. and their networks of friends.

Tribe activities: Camping, scavenger hunts, sports activities like rafting, softball, and football, general parties and crazy ones with themes abound amongst our tribe. We also feel like a big family and try to help each other out as much as we can in relation to jobs, apartments, etc.

How the Tribe formed: In the late 1990's the influx of alumni that stayed in LA after our last semester to work and play started rising, and continues to be fed by each graduating class. We welcome the newcomers.

Things about the Tribe: We're mostly all theatre, televison, audio, and film nerds in one way or another. We work in most every facet of the production industry, and if we all got together we could really turn this town on its head. The diverse things to do in LA allow us to have such varied interests and hobbies--there's always something new we're exploring. We even have an e-mailing list to connect everyone together and a webpage chock full of pictures from our gatherings.

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