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Minnesota Dreamin'

Our tribe has seven "core" members with a number of "auxiliary" members who are often at our shared events. It all began when some of us were part of a national Bible study that turned out to be too conservative for us, so we formed our own group. Together, we share gourmet meals, attend local festivals, volunteer for our favorite presidential candidate, and travel. There is an assumption that everyone can both quote from the television show "Friends" as well as speak intelligently about what was on National Public Radio. I enjoy our
time together because the group presents me with new ways of thinking about the world and encourages me to try my own new adventures. This picture was taken at the Minnesota State Fair last week.

I just moved to New York this weekend! Even during the move, the urban tribe was there for me: one person drove with me and helped me unpack, another is acting as landlord of my condo while I am away, others are hosting my car in the alley behind their house. Today, on my first day alone, they called me on the speaker phone from their backyard cookout so I wouldn't feel left out. --Dawn Trautman

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