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Tribal Racing in NYC

Three of my single friends and I clearly make up a distinct subset of a
larger New York City friendship tribe. While we all went to the same college (save for one), we did not become such good friends until a couple of years ago. It was at this point that other members of our friendship group started to "couple off" with boyfriends and the four of us began to spend a lot more time together. Our core group development was probably as much a reaction to the coupling of others as it was driven by the fact that the four of us are all runners and began training for the NYC Marathon.

This picture captures three of the four of us. We are in Staten Island, waiting to cross the Verazano Bridge and start the NYC Marathon this past November. We were anxious as hell and just wanted the race to start. It was a "me" moment but it was also an "us" moment, because it was as much about an achievement in my own life as it was a moment for my tribe to shine. --Alexandra Pulver

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